Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Recognised by N.C.T.E & Govt. of M.P.
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Code of Conduct

1. The Students of R.D.M. college of Physical Education shall have to follow the Principle of strict discipline and code of conduct implemented by the institution.
2. The Students shall respect and give due regards to their teachers as well as restore the good culture among themselves.
3. The Students shall follow the directions issued by the Principal and make themselves devoted to their activities in a well sophisticated manner.
4. The Students shall not involve themselves in any type of political activities and they will have to be attached with some constructive activity.
5. The Students shall form the habit of study and shall keep a habit of following instructions, directions, guidelines etc. issued through Notice Board.
6. The Students shall have no contact with any antisocial elements. If they will be found involved in such activities, they will be liable for severe punishment.
7. Students shall causing any damage to the institution's property shall not only be severely punished but also require compensating to the damage.
8. If Students are absent in the class they have to submit application with specific reasons countersigned by their parent/ guardians.
9. If Students are absenting without prior permission of HOD/Principal for 15 days or more, their names would be struck off from the rolls of the college. They shall be reenrolled with submission of penalty imposed by the authority concerned.
10. It will be compulsory for the Students to appear in all the tests and examinations conducted by the college.
11. Students will participate in all the cultural & social activities organized by the college.
12. Students shall maintain mutual respect and understanding in the college.
13. If the Students act against the interests of the college, they are liable for punishment.
14. It is believed that the Students will intimate correct and factual information to the college on all the matters sought by the college.
Affiliated to Barkatullah
University, Bhopal
Recognised by N.C.T.E
& Govt. of M.P.
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