Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Recognised by N.C.T.E & Govt. of M.P.
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Breach of Discipline
In ease of breach of discipline by Students, they shall be liable for the following punishment in the manner stated below.

1. Suspension from attending the classed.
2. Removal from the college.
3. Debarred from appearing in any examination The decision of the Principal Director with regard to breach of discipline by the Students shall be final.
Other Information- Job Awareness programme

Students are acquainted with various job awareness programmes especially to choose their career in the most suitable field. The professional avenues become easily accessible as the candidates become fully aware well in time. Students are provided opportunities to participate in Seminars and Workshops held on the relevant subject are, a related academic problems and issues of technical concern. This makes the professional abilities and awareness of the students.

Project & Placements
College is keen to make linkages from several resources in various fields.

A rich and user-friendly library of the college provides the knowledge about resource of books and periodicals at hand. Use of Audio Visual Aids like Chrtg, Models, OHTs and the CD-ROMS, make the teaching more modern and certainly more effectve. The benefit of internet access in the college makes the students updated with the latest information in their field of study .The Photocopy facilities at the college makes it easier for the keen learners to get on the spot reproduction of the important documents.
Reg. Transfer Certificate

1. Transfer certificate is issued only when students have paid all the dues.
2. Students shall be provided any document in original on written request, which must have been submitted at the time of admission.
3. Fees should be cleared till the current month in which month T.C. in sought.
4. If any students leaves the college without intimation or permission the student shall have to pay full fees of the academic session.
Affiliated to Barkatullah
University, Bhopal
Recognised by N.C.T.E
& Govt. of M.P.
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